Below is an overview of our Terms and Conditions for our “Platform”, which means any website, application, or service we offer. You should read the complete Terms of Service because that document (and not this overview) is our legally binding agreement. The Terms of Service includes information about your legal rights and covers areas such as automatic subscription renewals, limitations of liability, resolution of disputes by mandatory arbitration rather than a judge or jury in a court of law, and a class action waiver.

Your Relationship with Spot

  • By using our Platform, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. The Terms of Service are a legally binding agreement between you and Spot.
  • If you break the rules, we may suspend or terminate your account.
  • We charge for certain aspects of our Platform, and some of these fees are billed on a regular and recurring basis (unless you disable auto-renewal or cancel your subscription)

Your Account and Membership


You need to be at least 13 years old to use our Platform. Spot organizers control the Content and membership of their Spot groups. However, we may remove any Content you post or terminate your account at any time.


Our Platform is available to anyone who is at least 13 years old. You represent that you are at least 13. Additional eligibility requirements for a particular portion of our Platform may be set by any member who has the ability to moderate or manage that portion of our Platform.

Modification, Suspension, and Termination of Your Account

We may modify, suspend, or terminate your account or access to the Platform if, in our sole discretion, we determine that you have violated this Agreement, including any of the policies or guidelines that are part of this Agreement, that it is in the best interest of the Spot community, or to protect our brand or Platform. When this happens, we will notify you of the reasons for the modification, suspension, or termination. We also may remove accounts of members who are inactive for an extended period of time. Please email us if you believe the modification, suspension, or termination has occurred in error.

A member who has the ability to moderate or manage a particular portion of our Platform also has the ability, in their sole discretion, to modify, suspend, or terminate your access to that portion of the Platform.

Account Information and Security

When you register, you provide us with some basic information, including an email address and a password. Keep your email address and other account information current and accurate. Also, you agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your password (or else we may need to disable your account). We strongly encourage you to choose a strong and unique password that is not shared with any other account or online services like your linked Instagram or TikTok accounts and practice other healthy password security habits to help avoid unauthorized access to your account. You alone are responsible for anything that happens from your failure to maintain that security and confidentiality, such as by sharing your account credentials with others. If someone is using your password or accessing your account without your permission, contact our customer support team.

Your Content and Privacy


You are responsible for the Content you post on our Platform or send to us. You give us a license to use this Content to operate, improve, promote, and protect Spot and our Platform. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use information you provide about yourself and the information that may be associated with you and explains the limited ways we may share this information.

Your Content

You are responsible for the Content that you post to the Platform or otherwise provide to Spot. We use the word “Content” to mean the information, material, and any other content that you post to the Platform or otherwise send to us. Examples of your Content include:

  • The material that organizers and members typically post to the Platform, such as information about Spot groups and Spot events, comments, and photos;
  • The content that is available to users through your linked Instagram and TikTok accounts.

By being responsible for your Content, you agree, among other things, that:

  • You have all the permissions, rights, and licenses needed (including under copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, privacy rights, or publicity rights) to provide the Content to the Platform and to Spot;
  • Your Content does not include personal, private or confidential information belonging to others; and
  • Your Content does not otherwise violate the rights of any individual or entity.

Please accept our wholehearted thanks for reading our Terms of Service.